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Frogs are amphibians meaning they live on land and in water.

The Frog Blanket is a blanket made with everything we love about Frog so you can keep it with you.

Frog Blanket Store offers you a variety of options.

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Frog Blanket , Throw Blanket Size 50x60, Kermit the Frog Blanket

Welcome to our Frog Blanket Store!
Gift this personalized Kermit the Frog Blanket to anyone who loves Frog Blanket. It is a great gift for friends and family for holidays Christmas, New?Years'?Mother’s day, Father’s day, anniversaries, birthdays…

Material: Flannel

Measurements: 50" x 60"

Care Instructions:
- Machine Wash Separately in Cold Water
- Delicate Cycle
- Do Not Bleach
- Tumble Dry Low
- Do Not Iron or Press with Heat
- Do Not Dry Clean

Shipping details:
- Please allow 2-4 working days for our production wizards to create your product before shipping.

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Why Choose Our Frog Blanket?

Variety of Sizes: Frog Blankets come in a variety of sizes, making it easy to find one that is just the right size for the intended use.

Hypoallergenic: Consider some customers may have allergies or sensitive skin. Frog Blankets made with hypoallergenic materials such as organic cotton, bamboo, or microfiber can be marketed as safe and gentle options for those with these concerns.

Softness and Coziness: The softness and coziness of a blanket are our key points. The texture and material of Frog Blanket are designed to create a comfortable and inviting experience.

Relaxation: Frog Blankets can be used for relaxation and self-care, providing a cozy and comforting environment for reading, watching movies, or taking a nap. They can be draped over a person's body, creating a warm and snuggly feeling.

Welcome to Frog Blanket Store!

What is Frog Blanket?

Frogs are amphibians meaning they live on land and in water.

The Frog Blanket is a blanket made with everything we love about Frog so you can keep it with you.

What products does Frog Blanket Store sell?

Here at our Frog Blanket store, you can find a wide selection of products for all your needs. From Baby Blanket to Toddler Blanket to Hoodie Blanket, including:

Frog Baby Blanket Size 30x40

Frog Toddler Blanket Size 40x50

Frog Throw Blanket Size 50x60

Frog Twin Blanket Size 55x80

Frog Queen Blanket Size 60x80

Frog hoodie blanket 50x40

Frog oversized hoodie blanket 60x50

Frog giant hoodie blanket 80x60

we have everything you need to make sure you look great and stay organized. 


Why choose our Frog Blanket store?

Our company sells tens of thousands of hot products in more than 60 countries and regions around the world, with more than one million monthly active online users.  

We continually strive to improve and maintain our reputation as the best Frog Blanket store.  

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Where to buy Frog Blanket?

Looking for a cozy, comfortable and stylish Frog Blanket? Look no further than our online store! We offer a wide selection of Frog blankets that are perfect for any occasion. Our blankets come in various sizes and styles, so you can find the perfect one that suits your needs. Shop now and enjoy the warmth and comfort of our Frog Blankets!

Mission of our Frog Blanket Store!

At Frog Blanket Store, we understand that our customers want the best possible products at the most affordable prices. That's why we offer a wide selection of high-quality blankets at prices that can't be beat, along with exceptional customer service and free shipping on all orders over $49. If you need help with your order, just email us at [email protected].